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Instructions & Information for Gestalt Adjustable AIWB/IWB Tuckable Holster

Posted by Kris on 9/23/2015 to Product Instruction sheets

Gestalt Adjustable AIWB/IWB Tuckable Holster

The Gestalt Adjustable AIWB/IWB Tuckable Holster; the next generation in appendix carry.

Gestalt: When the whole is greater than the sum of it's parts.

Features and Options

Combining the best features of our three most popular holsters; the Gestalt features the adjustable plate and grip tucking aspect of the Shaggy, the slim design and simple attachment point of the Uno, and the tuckablity of the Quick Cover. The Gestalt is a tuckable, comfortable, concealable, convertible and versatile inside the waistband holster.

The Adjustable Plate

The Adjustable Plate makes it possible to easily adjust the ride height and cant (angle) making the Gestalt the perfect adaptable strongside Inside the WaistBand (IWB) holster. The Extended Tab Adjustable Plate also acts to pull the butt of the gun into the belly to aid in concealment when carrying in the Appendix position (AIWB). The Adjustable plate comes in two variations:

The Standard Adjustable Plate- This plate is meant for strongside IWB of all guns and AIWB of most compact and sub compact guns.-

The Extended Tab Adjustable Plate- This plate has an extra tab on the side to give the belt more material to push against to pull the butt of the gun in even tighter. This option is suggested for AIWB of some compact and all full size guns. For large guns a Helper spacer will be included with the Extended Tab Adjustable Plate give it a more wedge like function.

The Attachment Point

The Gestalts Adjustable plate attachment points are only as thick as necessary to clear the hardware from any potential damage to your gun. This allows the holster to be slim and comfortable without unnecessary added bulk. Because the Attachment point is lower on the body of the holster, there is space for tucking your shirt between the plate and the body of the holster. This “ tuckablity” sets the Gestalt apart from most other purpose built AIWB holsters.

The Foam Back Pad

The optional foam backing pad (other manufacturers are calling this a “foam wedge”) is a piece of neoprene foam and an industrial, self adhesive hook and loop fastener that is trimmed and applied to the holster by the end user. The backing pad attaches to the muzzle end of the body side of the holster. The pad pushes the grip tighter into the body allowing for even better concealment and added comfort.

Other Features

The Gestalt is made of an American made polymer. We use .08 thick material to give the perfect amount of strength and flexibility. The polymer does not attract or hold moisture, so it is naturally bacteria and fungus resistant.

The cut of the holster allows for a full grip (alleviating the need to readjust your grip while drawing) while still having a full shirt guard that covers the gun's slide, sights, and controls for the comfort of the wearer.

Retention (how tightly the holster holds the gun) is adjustable and a positive “Kydex click” is present in most cases letting you know that the gun is fully engaged in the holster.

Attachment installation

Adjustment of Adjustable Plate

The adjustable plate allows for adjustment of the holster from approx. 15 degrees forward body incline (fbi), to straight drop, to approx. 15 degrees reverse cant. It also allows adjustment of ride height of the holster.

  • To adjust the adjustable plate:
  1. If necessary to access the adjustment screws, remove the belt loop.
  2. Loosen the adjustment screws, but do not remove them.
  3. Slide the adjustable plate to your desired ride height and cant. Note: Most use straight drop or slight reverse cant when carrying AIWB.
  4. Tighten the adjustment screws snugly.
  5. Re-install the removed belt loop if necessary.
  • Removal of Adjustable Plate To remove the adjustable plate:
  1. If necessary to access the adjustment screws, remove the belt loop or clip.
  2. Remove the adjustment screws.
  3. Remove the adjustable plate and threaded posts.
  • Installation of Adjustable Plate To Install the adjustable plate:
  1. From the inside of the holster, insert the threaded posts into the mounting holes and hold them in place.
  2. Place the slots of the adjustable plate over the posts and install the adjustment screws loosely. Note: The tab on the extended tab plate should extend over the trigger guard and not over the slide.
  3. Adjust the plate for desired ride height and cant .
  4. Tighten the Adjustment screws snugly.
  5. Re-install the removed loop or clip.

Installation of the Helper Spacer

The helper spacer creates an angle when installing the extended tab adjustable plate more closely mimicking the Shaggy's wedge function to help concealing larger guns. This will be supplied for select guns.

To install the helper spacer:

  1. Remove the adjustable plate and threaded posts as above.
  2. Put one of the threaded posts aside in a safe place for later use of the plate without the helper spacer.
  3. From the inside of the holster, insert the second threaded post into the mounting hole on the slide side of the holster. Hold it in place.
  4. From the inside of the holster, insert the longer threaded post that came with the helper spacer into the mounting hole on the trigger guard. Hold it in place.
  5. Place the helper spacer over the longer threaded post.
  6. Install the extended tab adjustable plate as above.

Use and Installation of foam back pad

The foam back pad, attached to the muzzle end of the body side of the holster, pushes the grip tighter into the body allowing for even better concealment and added comfort. The customizable foam pad is shaped and applied to the holster by the end user to give them the best possible fit. A generously sized piece of foam is provided (enough to make at least two pads) so the customer can try different configurations.

Note: A sharp razor knife, Dremel, or band saw are the most common methods of cutting and shaping the foam. Apply the 'fussy' side of the hook & loop to the holster body for comfort when not using the foam.

Legal Notice and Safety

You are responsible for the safe and responsible handling of your firearm and its accessories. Always observe the basic rules of firearms safety.

Always check the fit of any firearm in a holster with an unloaded weapon. DO NOT use a holster if there is any contact with, or movement of, the trigger during the holstering or un-holstering process.

Use this holster only with the firearm model for which it was intended in the manner it was intended. Always use this holster with an appropriate belt. Misuse of this holster may cause damage, injury or death.

By purchasing a Custom Carry Concepts, LLC product, you acknowledge that firearms are inherently dangerous and affirmatively release Custom Carry Concepts, LLC, its agents and employees, from any and all liability for accidents, injuries, damage, or loss relating to the use of the product or any firearm.

Care and Maintenance

  • To improve the draw of the holster, periodically wipe the inside with a silicone impregnated cloth.
  • Check the screws for tightness before using the holster. If the screws loosen, a drop of Locktite on the treads is suggested.
  • The holster may be cleaned with mild soap and water if it becomes dirty. Remove the hardware before cleaning. Do not use abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals.
  • Do not immerse leather laminated holsters in water; wipe with a damp cloth and allow to air dry.
  • Leather lamination should be conditioned periodically to prevent deterioration of the leather.
  • If the leather lamination should begin to lift on the edges, Barge Cement or Shoe Goo may be used.

Our Company's Commitment to You


Custom Carry Concepts,LLC holster bodies and accessories have a lifetime warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. If one of our holsters or accessories should crack, break, or deform, return it to us for repair or replacement. Loops, clips, adapter and adjustment plates are warrantied for two years and all other hardware carries a one year warranty. Please retain your sales receipt for warranty purposes. No other warranties are made, expressed or implied.

Manufacturers 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want our customers to be 100% satisfied and will do anything within our means to accomplish that goal. We will happily modify the product to meet your needs. Manufacturer will exchange l ike new items for a different product of equal or lesser value within 14 days of purchase or delivery. Our online customers should see our Satisfaction Guarantee section for information on returns and cash refunds. When product is purchased by any other means, no cash refund will be made by the manufacturer and exchange will be based on our current published online price. Dated receipt required. Call or email before returning any product.

Replacement Parts Available

Replacement belt loops and clips, adjustable plates, foam, hook & loop, and hardware are available for purchase in the Accessories section of our website. Minor modifications of holsters will be made free of charge at any time, just cover shipping.

Included in each package:

Gestalt holster body for your selected gun with Retention set (1 screw, 1 threaded post, 1 star washer, 1 silicone spacer)

Adjustable plate attachment set- 1 adjustable plate, 2 screws, 2 threaded posts

Belt attachment set (one of the following):

1-Standard/J-clip reversible clip, 2 screws, 2 threaded posts, two nylon spacers

1-Hard Loop, 2 screws, 2 threaded posts, 2 nylon spacers

2-One way Snap Loops, 2 screws, 2 threaded posts, 2 silicone spacers, 2 snap studs

Optional parts:

Helper spacer- 1 nylon spacer, 1 threaded post

Foam back pad- 1 piece industrial self-adhesive hook & loop, 1 generously sized piece of 1” thick neoprene foam

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 Product Instruction sheets

 Instructions & Information for Gestalt Adjustable AIWB/IWB Tuckable Holster
 Gestalt Adjustable IWB / AIWB Tuckable Holster
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