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Supported Guns

Berretta PX4 Storm S&W 4006 (410 w/rail)
Berretta PX4 Storm Compact S&W Bodyguard .380 (semi-auto w/ laser)
Berretta 92 FS S&W Bodyguard .380 (semi-auto)
Berretta Tomcat 3032 S&W J Frame (aluminum; mod 642/442 etc)
Bersa BP9CC S&W J Frame (steel; mod 60 etc)
Bersa Thunder 380 (no rail) S&W K Frame, 4
Bersa Thunder 45 (no rail) S&W M&P 40 Pro (5 barrel)
Boberg XR9-L S&W M&P 45
Browning Hi Power S&W M&P 45 Compact
Canic Stingray C S&W M&P 45 Compact w/thumb safety
Colt 1911 government S&W M&P 45 w/ thumb safety
Colt 1911 Com S&W M&P Compact
CZ CZ 75B S&W M&P Compact w/ thumb safety
CZ CZ 75 Compact S&W M&P Full size
CZ P-01 S&W M&P Full size w/ thumb safety
CZ P-07 S&W Shield
FN FN FiveseveN S&W Shield w/ thumb safety
FN FN S-9 S&W Shield w/ Green Crimson Trace Lasergaurd
Glock G 19 /23 /32 S&W Shield w/ Red Crimson Trace Lasergaurd
Glock G 19 /23 /32 w/XC1 light S&W SW9VE
Glock G 17 /22 /31 Sig Sauer Scorpion
Glock G 17 /22 /31 w/XC1 light Sig Sauer P220R
Glock G 20 /21 Sig Sauer P225
Glock G 26/ 27 /33 Sig Sauer P226R
Glock G 30 Sig Sauer P228
Glock G30S Sig Sauer P229
Glock G 34 /35 Sig Sauer P229 Elite
Glock G 36 Sig Sauer P229R
Glock G 41 Sig Sauer P238
Glock G 42 Sig Sauer P238 w/ red Crimson Trace laser
Glock G 43 Sig Sauer P239
HK HK45 Sig Sauer P250 Compact Gen 1
HK HK45 Compact Sig Sauer P250 Compact Gen 2
HK P30 Sig Sauer P250 Sub Compact Gen 2
HK P30L Sig Sauer P290
HK P2000 Sig Sauer P320 Compact
HK P2000SK Sig Sauer P320 full size
HK P7M8 Sig Sauer P938
HK USP9 Springfield XD9
HK USP9 Compact Springfield XD9 sub compact mod 2
HK USP45 Compact Springfield XD40 sub compact
HK VP9 Springfield XD45
HK VP40 Springfield XDS 3.3
Kahr P40 Springfield XDS 4
Kahr P45 Springfield XDM 3.8
Kahr PM9 Springfield XDM 4.5
Kahr P380 Springfield 1911 EMP 9mm
Kahr PM40 Springfield 1911 Loaded
Kahr CW9 Springfield Marine Operator
Kahr CW380 Steyr M Series
Keltek PF9 Steyr S Series
Kimber Solo Steyr MA-1 Series
Kimber Crimson Carry II Steyr SA-1 Series
Kimber Ultra Carry II Taurus 24/7 Gen 1
Para LDA Taurus PT709 Slim
Ruger SR9 Taurus PT 111/ 140 Millennium G2
Ruger SR9 Compact Taurus Millennium Pro 145
Ruger SR40 Walther P99
Ruger LC9 / LC380 Walther PK380
Ruger LCP Walther PPK/S
Ruger LCP w/ red Crimson Trace Lasergaurd Walther PPQ (Classic)M1
Ruger LCR Walther PPQ M2
Ruger P95 DAO Walther PPS M1
Ruger Sp101 Walther PPS M2
Sccy CPX-2

Not all guns available for every holster.
Walther PPX